Sposalizio del Mare, Marriage of the sea in Cervia

As every year in Cervia, this year was held one of the oldest and most fascinating events of the city, the Marriage of the Sea.

The Marriage of the Sea takes place in Cervia since 1445.

Rite of the ring, rediscovery of traditions, food stands and events.

Take part in the ‘wedding with the sea’!

Of very ancient tradition, it is one of the most felt events in the city.

Now in its 576th edition, it does not lose its charm, with the celebration of the ancient ritual: the challenge of fishing the ring where young people from Cervia compete for the “trophy” that promises luck and prosperity.

Do not miss the all the events organized in this days, as well as exhibitions, shows and markets.

Despite the suspension of many events due to the delicate period just passed, this year the town of Cervia did not want to give up this rite so important and historical. In fact, the Marriage of the Sea was attended only by religious and civil authorities. It was a moment of recollection and intimate, first with the ancient prayer for the blessing of the waters and cervesi, then the launch of the ring as a propitiatory gift to the sea.