The culinary specialties

Every day the best from our kitchen

The goodness prepared for you

Our kitchen will always surprise you with homemade specialties from our chefs. You can enjoy new and fresh goodness every day. We offer a rich breakfast with a wide choice of: sweet and savory croissants, various sandwiches, donuts and biscuits entirely produced by us, different yoghurt and cereals, fresh fruit and fruit juices. Also mixed meats, cheeses, eggs with bacon and to be sure to please everyone, 'Bio Corner' with a variety of organic and vegan products. The reserved table, the elegant and refined table service, our à la carte menu with 4 first courses and 4 second courses of your choice and the varied and always abundant buffet of appetizers, will allow you every day to taste the authentic flavors of Romagna cuisine.

The art of pastry

A sweetness entirely dedicated to you

Think how nice it is to wake up every morning with our homemade delight! Cakes, donuts, biscuits and small pastries await you at the morning buffet and during other meals throughout the day. A greedy extra attention that we always dedicate to our guests.

The tradition of fresh pasta

Made every day as it once was

Puff pastry rolled by hand is a Romagna tradition that has been handed down to all families and is the basis of many specialties of our territory! Here we do it every day, to let you experience the genuine flavors of our land: not only cappelletti but also pappardelle, tagliatelle, ravioli and much more.